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Jericho Maleficient

Player: Jesse_God_of_Awesome

Age - 18

Appearance - Short for his age, Jericho is bald although not naturally and green-brown eye with a dominance of dark green.

Personality - He is sarcastic and overbearing to those around him. He is singular to his goals and cares little less for others or other things. He only joined the game out of the advisory of his psychologist. (Combine Simon Cowell with Wally Waner and Rika from the Third Season, and you get Jericho Maleficient) He is know to be broody and dark.


Appearance - A skeleton with white dot in her socket. Anyone with a degree of knowlege in biology will realize this is a female skeleton by the size of her hips and shoulders.

Abilities -

  • Death Breath - Releases a poison gas from her mouth
  • Six Feet Under - Can sink underground and reamerge elsewhere

Personality - Like Renamon and Haku, except she never ever talks.


Name- Dustmon

Appearance- A 5 inch high little twister of dust


Name- Skullmon

Appearance- A... Skull?


Name- Lichmon

Appearance- A woman in a thick black cloak with completely shadowed head and wearing a skull mask and sickly pale hands


  • Phantom Touch - A ghost version of her hand projectile from her hand and causes astral damage to a target
  • Cold Eyes - By making eye contact with a target, the target is paralyzed until contact is broken


Name- Necromon

Appearance- A naked blonde woman, surrounded by twisting green, yellow, and red fire, holding a bell in each hand. The right hand holds a bell slightly bigger than a pill box, and the one in her left the size of water jar


  • Mosrael - By ringing the smaller bell, she summons spirits of all sorts that will attack a target. However, she, and whoever she might be touching, will be frozen for a few minutes after ringing
  • Astarael - All Digimon within hearing ranger of the larger bell will be knocked to 0 hp. Allies, enemies, and ringer alike

Drayco LeTigre

Player: Drayco

Age- 15

Appearance- Blue eyes, blond hair, and always wears a headband to keep the latter out of his eyes. Usually wears a red hawaiian-style shirt with blue designs, a white sleeveless shirt, and navy blue cargo shorts made of similar fabric to swim trunks. Also seems to always wear sandals regardless of the weather. A bit tall for his age (about 5'8"), and fairly athletic due to surfing and practicing martial arts as hobbies. Also has a pair of goggles that he wears around his neck. (Yes, goggles. Because it's Digimon, dammit. )

Personality- Very upbeat and active, to the point where he seems to have more energy than most others can keep up with. Despite this, he's surprisingly compassionate, and will go far out of his way to help his friends. He tends to be extremely reckless, though.


Appearance- In revision, back soon with a pic.

Personality- A bit on the lazy side, but friendly and very curious. Tends to be just a bit more "look before you leap", but mainly due to being likely to "test" things out of curiosity.


  • Flash Frost: Breathes out a blast of bluish frosting cold energy that explodes on contact with the target. Pretty self-explanatory, think Pepper Breath except cold energy.
  • Flash Wings: Curls wings around self in defense, which flash for a moment with light energy. Can reflect some energy-based attacks with the flash, and can temporarily daze anyone who happens to be looking right at them from the flash of bright light.

Baby: Reikimon

Looks like a tiny chibi version of Rasvimon's head, tail, and feet sticking out of a small silvery-blue egg. Actually moves only by hopping, however, the legs aren't developed enough to run. About the same size as most other baby forms. It also tends to shiver slightly almost all the time due to not being used to its own cold, and thus very much enjoys being in warm places.

In-training: Muzanmon

Looks like a chibi version of Rasvimon. Also predominantly moves by hopping, though it can waddle a bit. His wings aren't strong enough to fly more than a few seconds like this, though he can glide somewhat well. No shivering, though it is a bit cool to the touch.

Champion: Azurasvimon

Appearance: Also in revision.


  • Azure Freeze: Powerful beamlike breath of cold energy that semi-explodes and freezes whatever it hits.
  • Azure Wings: Like Flash Wings, except they create a translucent barrier of blue light just above the wings instead of a flash. The barrier is notably stronger than in rookie form, and lasts for as long as Azurasvimon can hold it. Holding the barrier will eventually tire him, obviously.

Ultimate: Shugorasvimon

Appearance: Revision lol.


  • Aurora Blast: A big blast of cold bluish light energy breathed from his mouth that explodes on contact. It also has a multicolored motion trail. Damage is mostly light energy, thoough it does leave a layer of frost.
  • Guardian Wings: Same as other forms' wing-shield ability, this time the glow forms into a shield that covers him, and a half-dome area around him.
  • Aurora Storm: He makes a sign with his claws and glows briefly, then calls forth a massive gale of wind and freezing ice energy, whipping up a powerful ice storm that freezes and damages anyone caught in it. The storm is either in a wide circle around him, or a wide cone-shaped blast in front of him.

Zenus Coleman

Player: Lohti

Age- 17

Appearance- He has dyed his natural brown hair to have small red streaks through them. His eyes are green, but he dislikes this fact, preferring brown eyes instead. He wears an odd headphone bit that only covers his left ear, and has an appearance of an angel's wing. This is actually an amplifier to help his hearing, because he likes his music LOUD. He wears a brown vest over a white muscle shirt, with a black belt across his waist, holding several pouches about him. He wears slightly baggy tan cargo pants and hiking boots. His body is supple and nimble.

Personality- A Shepard's son in the country of Ireland, he only plays online when he finishes his long list of chores, thus explaining his body. He prefers fighting straight out, but knows when he's outmatched. He's been caught several times playing with the walking staff he uses to get around when watching the sheep, and has become rather skilled with it. He thinks that there is no such thing as futility, and even if he fails, he knows how to do better. Generally, he's quite the fiery temperamental.


  • Nicknamed "Rayden"

Appearance- An odd triangular jewel is set in this wolfish digimon, and the only other difference than that of a wolf is that it stands on two legs, much like a tyrannosaurus rex.


  • Ice nova: Releases sub-zero ice crystals in a 360 degree pattern from the digimon, and does not affect friendlies.
  • Yarish Assault: activates a series of five to seven high-speed attacks in a row to any nearby enemies, but does not do much damage.

Personality- A quiet individual, Rayden doesn't talk much to anyone except his owner, and often teases him so.


Gina'Iva Hana

Player: Loztein

Age- 14

Appearance- She appears well developed and strong of both body and will. She has a Pale Skin and Long Black Hair, that features a blond streak, and her eyes are a dark brown.

She wears Big Black Boots that almost reach her knees, with matching fingerless gloves that almost reach her elbows. She also wears a Black Tank top, with matching belt, that are usually covered over by a Brown Sweat Coat, with matching, albeit Bulky, Shorts that reach just above her knees.

Personality- Her personality almost perfectly contradicts her appearance. She is very Curious and Overly Trusting of her environment and others around her, primarily due to having an over protective Big Brother who moved a year ago and a Trust worthy Older Sister. Gina (The Shortened name she prefers) She's overly Hyperactive and has a hard time resisting touching anything that interests her.

She doesn't really have to work much at home, besides doing schoolwork and the Laundry that is.

She easily has her feelings hurt but usually gets rid of it by going somewhere alone (Usually her room) and drowning them away with her favorite Music. Whenever she's listening to music though she distracts her mind even further by thinking hard and planning things out in her head, such as what to do tomorrow, or how she should've responded to a certain situation, etc...


Appearance- A wiry bipedal, Purple-skinned, Lizard-like creature with a Dark Grey furred Mane around her neck complete with a matching "Mohawk" starting from just above her eyes all the way down to the tip of her long tail. Her Knees each feature a long blackened Horn growing out of them about a hand's length. She's often seen holding something shiny in one of her three-digited hands, such as a small jewel, or some such. Her face is flat un-like a Lizard's, however her Eyes feature an Orange Lizard-like Iris, and she features a blue tongue. Her Teeth are black and shaped exactly like her knee-horns, only smaller. (Yeah, I was thinking I'd have one of the more complicated-looking Digimon, Gabumon was my base, turned out quite different didn't it? But the description came out a little shorter than the one I read for Gabumon at least.)


  • Dark Shock: After taking a deep breath in it'll emit a small darkened energy ball from within its mouth and blast it out toward an opponent, shocking them slightly. (The Ball Moves fast but is erratic of movement and fairly small)
  • Quick Knee-Kicks: The Digimon Quickly races toward an Opponent and Knee-Kicks them multiple times in a row as rapidly as they can. (This is her more dangerous attack because she has those horns, but she needs to make contact with her opponent to use it, no blasting away with this one.)

Personality - Tarcenmon is quite interested in her environment, and isn't afraid to go wherever she wants and get whatever she wants, though she's usually peaceful and content as long as she has something that's either shiny or of personal value to her in her possession. She's full of pent up energy and always has to be doing something, she's surprisingly truthful and doesn't take kindly to being lied to.

Gray Armstrong

Player: cidhighwind767

Age- 16

Appearance- Short, small of build, with blonde hair and green eyes. Wears a blue hoody, and jeans.

Personality- Friendly, and a good listener. Tends to daydream a lot though. Raised primarily by his father, a businessman since he was 7, Gray didn't get much attention as a child. Because of his father moving around a lot, he couldn't make any friends. As a result of this, he tends to be shy to people he's only met, and only opens up to people when he feels there is a chance they'll become friends.He likes to read due to his being alone a lot.


Appearance- A cat digimon who wears light armor and wields a shortsword. Armor is just a basic cuirass with greaves. Sword is just a typical sword, plain metal and such. Fur is a dark brown colour.


  • Lightning Cross- A double slash with a sword that courses with electrical energy.
  • Flash Sphere- Creates a ball of pure energy which explodes and blinds enemies.

Personality- Friendly, hyperactive Digimon with an affinity for lightning. Tends to move around too much, and is curious about everything. Needless to say, she tends to get in trouble because of these tendencies. She likes to mess around with things she find interesting.


Name- Karnamon

Appearance- A larger cat digimon (Looks like a panther to be exact), with a larger sword, and bulkier armor. The armor is silver, with gold trim. Now wields a shield. Fur colour remains unchanged.


  • Energy Shield- Focuses elecrtical energy through her shield to create a larger protective barrier.
  • Lightning Fissure- Swings sword at ground to create a fissure, which releases electrical energy.


Name: Paladinmon

Appearance: Larger than Karnamon, she now wears heavy armor (White with gold trim along the edges) as well as the shield (Which bears the Crest's symbol). The armor is a full set now, compared to other stages of Kinemon's evolution. The armor also comes with a closed helmet, obscuring her face (If you've played it, think Judge Gabranth's from FFXII). The sword now has gold trim as well running up the centre of the blade. Her blade is now made of a crystal with a bluish sheen to it.


  • Holy Sword- Paladinmon focuses electrical energy into the sword until it glows white with energy, before delivering a devastating blow.
  • Honor Code- Paladinmon's Ultimate attack. Swinging the sword above her head, Paladinmon creates a typhoon of energy, which she sends hurtling towards the enemy.

Lara Nohara

Player: Noone


Appearance: She wears somewhat baggy brown clothes and has brown hair in a ponytail bound twice with two fine silver chains running from the first tie to the second and then falling down. One ends in a cresent moon and the other in a star. She has a pair of silver shades with shapes like flames running down over her cheeks that she tends to wear when she's showing off. She is fairly athletic.

Personality: She always has to be a part of the action if it's possible. If she is up against an opponent she stands even a ghost of a chance against she will jump in. She has a bad habit of showing off, especially when she meets new people. She loves playing soccer and can pull off kicks that leave people her size gasping for air. Despite her habits, she will always think before jumping into anything downright dangerous and so far has had pretty good luck with figuring out when it's possible to be a part of the action.


Appearance: A small red dragon that comes about to Lara's knee. She has slightly large golden eyes with slit pupils and no white. Her wings look a little large for her body and her flight is somewhat clumsy. She has a pair of small but sharp horns on her head


  • Firecracker-Spits out a small flame that creates a small explosion when it hits
  • Horn Headbutt-Runs at the enemy and headbutts them with her horns

Personality: Ryumon is only slightly less of a show off than her partner. She is also less likely to think before fighting and would attack something much more powerful than her if she thought it was 'evil'



Appearance:A red ember shaped digimon about the size of a head


  • Bubble blow (same as all others)



Appearance: A red snake with small wings and a pair of short arms ending in small claws with three fingers and a thumb. The wings are a little small for the body and she can only fly for short periods of time (about half a minute, actualy)


  • Heat Breath: Breaths out a small burst of air hot enough to ignite highly flamable objects, such as very dry wood


Name: Drakemon

Appearance: A large winged lizard that is a little larger than a horse. Her tail is as long as her body and prehensile and her wings are appropriately sized for her body. She has horns that curve back along her head and then turn to point forewards. There is a small claw on the end of her tail.


  • Dragon breath:Breathes out a medium sized fireball in a straight line
  • Tail Whip: Swings her tail at her opponent after extending the blade to about six inches long


Name: Bahamumon

Appearance: A humanoid lizard that stands about 8' tall and wears silver scale mail over white robes on her chest, arms and tail. A scale mail loincloth type thing wraps around her hips and falls down to about her knees. She wears two katana on her left hip, one about half the length of the other. Her wings seem too small to lift her wearing all the metal of her armor but they still manage, suggesting that the armor is made of something else.


  • Mega Flare: She brings her arms towards her chest in a sweeping motion and pushes them back out, firing off a silver fireball that deals a large amount of damage and moves fairly quickly
  • Bahamut's Claw: She flies up and falls down on her opponent, kicking them from above as her foot becomes enshrouded in silver flame. It deals more damage than Mega Flare but is easy to dodge if you are aware of the attack. Accuracy can be improved by attacking from the ground with a normal kicking motion, but it sacrifices power
  • Flame Blade: She draws her blades and they ignite with silver fire. She uses them like an ordinary pair of swords and the fire goes out if the swords leave her hands or if she's hurt

Leia King


Age: 7

Appearance: she has black hair in pigtails and green eyes. She wears a green t-shirt, and blue shorts. She is so cute that looking at her too long will give you cavities.

Personality: very curios and up beat, Leia always looking for something new and interesting. Though she is very immature (she’s seven), she has above normal intelligence and has the factual knowledge of an 8th grader. Even though she is very nice she can sometimes be a spoiled brat.


Appearance: Centimon looks like a centipede except that he has armor all over its back which makes him look more like a really long pill bug


  • Steel roller- Centimon curls into a ball and slams into the enemy
  • Poison spray- self explanatory

Personality: very contradictory to Leia, Centimon is very cautious and take every thing very seriously. He is overly protective of Leia so much so that he takes the attack first; ask questions latter approach to other Digimon.

Champion level

Name: WereCentimon

Appearance: WereCentimon looks similar to Centimon except that the front part of his body pulls up at a right angle to his bottom half. His top half has three sets of arms each arm ending in a boxing glove between these arms is a row of spikes.


  • Crashing boxer basher- really fast punching attack
  • Poison bullets- lunches poison chest spikes at the enemy

Ultimate level

Name: Centurimon (sen-chur-ry-mon)

Appearance: Centurimon anthro insect with metal armor plating. He is about as tall as WarGreymon. He has two large shield plates on his forearms. He also has four insect wings that allow him to fly


  • Steel stinger- puts the two shield plates together and launches them at his opponent
  • Shield ram- puts the shield plates in front of his face and rams into the enemy

Talian King

Player: The Goliath


Appearance: Drawing of Talian by The Goliath. black hair, green eyes, grey t-shirt, Black overshirt, Dark blue jeans, black belt,Red neck scarf, Gray/Red armband,Bandaged left wrist.

Personality: Very logical but arrogant and judgemental. Treats Leia as if she is the same age as him and trusts her completely.


Appearance: Drawing of Infantramon by The Goliath. He looks like a floating suit of armor with a two handed sword. Infantramon has 3 floating rings and a diamond like object that lets him float instead of legs. Infantramons helmet has a single visor. If you where to lift the visor all you would see would be his 2 glowing yellow eyes (like black mages from FF)


  • Blade Blaze-Infatramon swings his sword and shoots a large blade of energy (like cloud from FFVII's blade beam) at the enemy
  • Lightning Needles- Infantramon raises his visor and a storm of small electric charges shoot from it in a large cone.

Personality: Completely submissive towards Talian and believes he is perfect in every way. Very civil to anyone unless they insult or question Talian.



Appearance: Infantramons grows an armored, centaur like set of horse legs and his sword becomes a lance.


  • Thunder Charge- Cavalramon charges and shoots a powerful sonic wave towards the enemy
  • Ride the Lightning- Cavalramon is surrounded by a lighting aura and his speed and power increase for a short time.


Name: Chivilramon

Appearance: Calvaramons centaur legs become two normal humanoid ones. Chivilramon is covered head to toe in shining silver armor. His weapon disappears. He gains two large Gauntlets that have electric proprieties.Finally he gets a large cape that is black on the side facing him and yellow on the side facing away from him.


  • Discharge Nexus- Chivilramon summons a giant ball of electricity and sends it into the air he then jumps up after it and punches it towards the enemy.
  • Twined Blast- Chivilramon hits his fists together, creating a static charge. He then sticks his arms straight out and then twines them together. He charges(he can be interuppted) and then untwines his arms, and sends two electric dragon heads toward the enemy.

Erika Hamilton

Player: Blinkdog

Age- 17

Appearance- Drawing of Eri by Blinkdog. An athletic girl with attractive proportions, Eri is nearly 6 feet tall. She has shoulder-length black hair with red bangs. Her outfit varies widely, with no really set patterns, but the outfit she's wearing when she enters the digi-world is described here. She wears a deep purple tube top that shows off her midsection over a black fishnet long-sleeve shirt. She has only slightly loose dark green pants held up by a wide, durable belt which has several pouches on it. She wears durable steel-capped boots and has a pair of fingerless gloves she wears occasionally.

Personality- Creative and mischievous, Eri is an artist of no small skill. She likes to draw, paint, write, sing, and plays several instruments. She likes making people think, and often says or does things just to confuse people so she can see how they react. She is passionate about her art, but she uses her intelligence and creativity in more ways than just the arts. She knows how to code simple programs and games, and she has built a few nifty devices in her workshop. Stuff- She has brought some brushes and paints, as well as paper and pencils with her. She also brought a small folding pocket flute and harmonica. She has a specially designed guitar that also acts as her backpack and, thanks to it's incredible durability, can also be used as a makeshift club without any fear of it breaking.

Impish Paintamon (Tim)

Appearance- Drawing of Rookie Form Tim by Blinkdog Similar to Impmon, but red, a slightly more human face, no gloves, and a white smock, carrying a painters palate and an oversize paint brush.


  • Artistic License: Tim swings his paintbrush to alter, add or remove something. At this level it's only small things, like changing what's written on a sign or the direction it's facing, making small items, or changing minor things about another digimon or person like adding an extra eye or disguising them.
  • Revision Stroke: Tim swings his brush like a sword, sending out a wave of energy that cuts into and partially erases whatever it hits. Also rather weak at this stage, but comparable to other rookie attacks.

Personality- Very creative and with an impish sense of humor, he loves to trick or confuse people. He'd rather avoid a fight, instead preferring to use his paintbrush and speed to confuse and frustrate his enemy.

Kenneth Storms

Player: Ciennas

Age: 16

Sex: Male


  • Height: 6'7
  • Weight: 134
  • Build: Slight
  • Hair: White, with black ends. Necklength and shaggy.
  • Eyes: Unknown.

Ken has no visible eyes. He's not the goggles kid- he's the visor man. The visor can show eyes underneath- they just don't show his real ones. when they do, they never match exactly to Ken- one can tell that they don't. they just know. The visor is silver grey and white polymer plastic, depending on what appears to be Ken's whim. He can remove the visor, but nobody has ever seen what lies beneath, except maybe Mistralmon (And she's not talking about it.)

He wears clothing that is good for most general occasions, but refuses to wear anything that might show what his actual body shape is. loose baggy jackets, over what is ironically a formfitting shirt, combined with khaki's loaded with metal mechanical pockets, and one wonders what else they might find on him.

His digivice covers his left wrist. it is colored blue with gray patches on it.

Personality: Not really angsty, just quiet and withdrawn. his reasons for coming to the digital world are easy- he's looking for a place that's quiet, where he can rest in quiet contemplation of the world around him.

Crest: Crest of Compassion. Single dot surrounded by three brackets in a circle shape, interspaced with horizontal lines coming out of it. Activated when he comes out of his shell to help someone in need.


Sex: Female

Personality: winsome and quiet. would enjoy doing quiet things. However, she contradicts herself often by getting a strange urge to cheer her partner up, which goes pretty well, most of the time.

Appearance: there are some illusory bits of shadow clinging to her, but one gets the general impression of wings, surrounding a lupine body. this shifts regularly. she doesn't like to show herself. Only Ken has seen her, and then in private. It gets shed in combat, or forms shapes that do damage.

Digivolution: Unobtained (Which explains why she hides in the shadow. she's ashamed from it.)

Notes on Mistralmon: The shadows that surround her are perversions of her ability to play on light. she feels ashamed secretly, first by her inability to digivolve, then by what she becomes when she digivolves. If unchecked, she shall become Shadow Legacymon, and if checked, she becomes Shining Legacymon. But if both she and Ken work it out between themselves, and learn to look at the past and move on towards the future not letting it hold them back... Harmony Form is possible.

She lets her shadows down often- usually when she's alone or only with Ken. other Mon who can digivolve shame her, which generates more shadow. Once she leaves her shame behind though, the shadows turn white, and accent her differently.


  • Mistral Howl: A shockwave attack in the form of a howl, that can be used to echolocate and can damage people's hearing. Causes a feeling like the chill of death to come upon you. She doesn't like it much. there is strength in the howl, as it can push objects (And enemies) backwards from it, but this drains her.
  • Mistral Claw: Her clinging shadows join into her paws and lengthen her claws like black fire, which she then slashes against her opponent.
  • Sorrows Shade: She can blend into dark places with those shadows of hers. otherwise, she sticks out like a sore thumb.

Champion level attacks:

  • Mistral Roar: More powerful version of the Howl. this is also accompanied by shadow waves launching from her muzzle
  • Galeshade: a compressed shot of air infused with her shadows. can cause physical damage, as the shadows are a form of energy.
  • Requiem Shade: She can now encompass the region in dark chilling winds that hide her very well.
  • Requiem Slash: Usually used with the Shade, but works fine on its own. a blade of cold wind that can cut through durable materials.
  • Ultimate level: (She's got two: Negative[Shadow] and Positive [Pure/Shining] Which one depends on emotional trigger, like Skull greymon/MetalGreymon. There's a possible third, A zen like Harmony state. that's up to you though.)
  • Mistral Blade: Solid block of shadow. in the shape of a sword. it can kill.
  • Tempest Shield: used correctly, can return some projectile attacks. can dispel other attacks, and can block things. Two flavors, Dark and Pure. Dark can perform several of these functions, but isn't very strong. Pure can do all of these.

Shining Form attacks:

  • Shining Wind: Cleanses evil from a target, striking chill terror into evil opponents, but allies feel rejuvenated. Can shine even in the deepest darkness. can rejuvenate the spirit.
  • Healing Breeze: Curaga. with some limitations, if you so choose.
  • Solar Wind: (ba dum tsh!) Fire Light and Wind go into this one. It's like the Howl, only stronger, and it only chills evil.
  • Legacy Strike: Claw, Slash, and Blade, all joined as one, and strengthened by the release from past failures, imagined or real. Accesible in both sides, one powered by angst and the other powered by release. naturally, light is stronger then dark, at least in terms of precision.

Shadow Form Attacks:

  • Chill breeze: this thing harms all that it it blasts across, enemies and friends alike. even Ken.
  • Sorrowing Requiem: An immense sorrowing howl. it damages powerfully and indiscriminately.
  • Eclipsing Maelstrom: An extension on the Shade. Wind, darkness and anguish run through this, until the very rocks seem to weep.

Harmony Exclusive Attacks:

  • Manus Celer Dei: Literally, the swift hand of God. Sort of like Centaur Flash, of megaman fame.

Digivolution description:

Champion Form: Ariamon

NOTE: Her Requiem moves get renamed to Aria after the shame is gone, and while still chilling, she feels good about herself. She resembles a very large lupine humanoid.

Ultimate Form: Legacymon.

Shadow Form: a barely percieved human covered in shadows, eternally whipped into a frenzy by winds. often reshape into monstrous fangs and such. She wields medieval equipment in this form, often of unrecognizable black metal.

Shining Form: A recognizable human girl, with blond hair and lupine ears. her eyes are covered by a visor either similar to or is the visor Ken was wearing. She wears polished steel like armor in this form.Q

Harmony: A bizarre parody of Ken's appearance; she has an inversed hair color scheme from him. she wears silver body armor, of the sci-fi persuasion. she is covered by a cloak of distorted air currents, which only sheds itself when she draws her weapons.

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